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Managed Enterprise WiFi

Be in complete control of your data

No more surprise data overages. Everything you need to manage your data - ultimate control and live management reports at your fingertips.
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5G Ultra Hub

Unprecedented power for your enterprise

Your WiFi means business with a supercharged 5G network. Experience unparalleled download speeds, ultra-low latency and easy fixed-line failover.
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Connected Vehicle Fleet

Keep your workforce connected on the road

Make your mobile workforce more responsive than ever with WiFi connectivity, live GPS location and signal reports and more.
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Portable Outdoor WiFi

Take your WiFi anywhere

Battery powered WiFi that means you can upload and download anywhere, even without a power source or phone signal.
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Rapid Office Deployment

Don't waste another minute waiting for WiFi

You don't have the time to wait weeks or even months to get internet to your business. Get connected quickly with powerful WiFi that's easy to set up.
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Installation Services

No hassle, just WiFi

Get optimal connection for your devices in any location with full installation service from our expert engineers.
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Connectivity for your distributed workforce

  • We give you the reliable connection you need to make the most of your business’ infrastructure.
  • Large coverage ranges can connect geographically dispersed devices and sensors.
  • No matter where you need connectivity, we can help. We provide 99.8% geo-connectivity
  • Save bandwidth and reduce latency. Our hubs are full-feature servers that can help you take advantage of edge computing.

In Partnership with Vodafone

We’ve partnered with Vodafone to produce the Vodafone Smart Hub. Our solutions provide the intelligent and reliable connectivity to create an all-in-one IoT package. 

For more on our partnership and the Vodafone Smart Hub, take a look at the Vodafone website or contact us directly.

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