Utility Hub

Utility Hub can be deployed to any vehicle to provide reliable connectivity solutions for the field workers.

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PopUp Hub

PopUp Hub can be deployed in any office or working site to provide connectivity quickly and reliably.
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Digital Signage

Standing totems and tablets, wall mounted screens and video walls for all your advertising needs.

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Mobile Communication Solutions

Our company offers best in class expertise across two core competencies: hardware infrastructure and software development; our project managers, developers and engineers have a proven track record of achieving bespoke, enterprise grade solutions for clients, regardless of scale or environment.

Our Services

We offer a full suite of services, tailored to the requirements of each project. Broadly these can be segmented into three areas of expertise:


We deliver effective architecture solutions, adapted to your unique requirements and created to integrate with, or replace, existing hardware and software systems, seamlessly.

Content Management

Our CMS can be tailored to manage dynamic, real-time and scheduled deployment and reporting of both data and media, across the multi-channel environments managed by our mobile architecture solutions.

Mobile and Digital Design

 Our web and mobile design service ensures a high quality end-user experience that is optimised, interactive and informed, regardless of device type or environment.