Portable Outdoor WiFi

Off the grid, on the internet


Get set up quickly with out of the box functionality. Our easy to assemble hi-gain antennae get 4G and 4G+ internet, even in areas where your phone can't get signal.


Never be out of signal with proven 99.8% geo connectivity. Our portable outdoor WiFi solution provides consistent WiFi coverage within a 100-meter radius and broadcast capability up to a kilometer away.


Stay in control with our comprehensive data management portal. Monitor location and signal strength, manage permissions, and control access and usage across all devices in real time.

Get connected quickly with powerful internet, including WiFi calling and VoIP, even when you’re out of phone signal range. 

  • Data Management Portal: Check activity, block unauthorised users and manage data caps for each user on every hub and more with our centralised portal which means no surprise data overages.
  • Long Lasting Battery: Get 60 hours of continuous WiFi coverage with one charge. The USB ports on the unit mean you can also charge devices like phones
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware: Higain antennae with GPS consistently finds signal and location where consumer items fail. Complete with ruggedised waterproof HiViz rucksack and case for connectivity in any weather and environment.

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