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Track4Services Ltd

We are leaders in mobile solutions and communications; utilising our knowledge and experience to provide agile and innovative enterprise mobility solutions.

With headquarters in the UK and our manufacturing, design and testing facilities in Finland, we can deliver cutting edge and innovative solutions. With our expertise we are dynamic and flexible to requirements providing successful deployment with proven results.

The Vodafone Remote Hub is an IoT product from Track4Services Ltd.

Advanced Mobile Implementations

We have been making advanced mobile implementations for the past 20 years. Actually, mobile is where everything started for us. We have strong experience in and deep understanding of Android, Qt, Symbian,  Windows Phone and other embedded environments. 

Advanced Enterprise Implementations

We are true professionals, modest as well, in implementing large scale sophisticated enterprise solutions. We are highly experienced in technologies, techniques and tools such as Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, C#.NET and Scrum. We are agile, robust and reliable.