Digital Signage and Content Management

Digital Signage has brought many opportunities of flexible, efficient and impressive advertising in retail stores, hotels, transportation systems, restaurants, streets and other places of your potential customers. Advertising campaigns can be designed and instantly updated with easy content management systems. With our powerful hub solutions, it is possible to bring digital content to the eyes of potential customers.

We have made Digital Signage interactive by enriching it with the Internet of Things (IoT), to make advertising even more precise, flexible and targeted. Track4Services have developed a unique platform based on our hardware and software that will let your digital display perform surveys and react on sensors data, to show exactly your customer wants to see based on our data.

Our solutions will help you follow the customers and study their buying behavior; they will bring interaction to your customers and make Digital Signage even more valuable for your business.

    Content management and cloud services

    Track4Services offers its own content management software for digital signage devices that allows for customers to manage the content of their screen via cloud. This makes managing the advertising and info content of your screens easy and effortless, and makes it possible to edit them any time and anywhere.

    Track4Services Screens

    • Tower displays
    • Two sided displays
    • Giant tower displays
    • Giant tablets
    • Video walls

    Track4Services Big screens

    Best for trade fairs, stores, restaurants, hotels and lobbies.
    Can be assembled in any formation as needed to gain even bigger wow-factor.