5G Ultra Hub

Experience symmetrical speeds up to 1Gbps Upload and Download


Our 5G Ultra Hub is unprecedented in its ability to power business. Strong enough to rival, replace or provide an interim solution for fixed-line internet with speeds up to 1 Gbps upload/download. ​


A perfect solution to make sure even if your DIA fails, you stay connected. Customisable to your needs with over the air configuration, built-in WAN failover, load balancing. Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.


Power on and get connected within a minute to the Vodafone 5G Ultra Network.​

Power the whole office with 5G internet

  • Portal for data management and security: Manage activity live, block unauthorized users, set data caps on each Hub and much more with our cloud-based T4S Portal.
  • Enterprise grade hardware: Engineered with businesses in mind, featuring firewall compatibility built-in WAN failover and load balancing.  
  • VPN & Static IP:  Unique to Hub or shared static IP available.
  • Connectivity: Ethernet WAN and LAN ports plus WiFi inside and outside buildings up to 1 km.

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