5G Enterprise Solutions

Experience speeds up to 10x faster than 4G+


Our 5G hub is unprecedented in its ability to power business with speeds up to 1Gb download. Featuring near real-time responsiveness capabilities.


Customisable to your needs with over the air configuration, built-in WAN failover and the ability to mesh multiple units in a single network.


Get set up quickly with out of the box functionality. Plug the hub into a power source and be connected within a minute with 5G internet.​

Power the whole office with 5G internet

  • Flexible Connection:  Don’t wait for a dedicated 5G base station to start taking advantage of the increased speeds of a 5G network. The hub supports both Standalone 5G and Non-Standalone 5G – automatically connecting you with the best available option.
  • Comprehensive Data Management and Security: Check activity, block unauthorized users, manage data caps on individual users and much more with our centralised portal – which means no surprise overages.
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware:  Engineered with business in mind, featuring firewall compatibility and built-in WAN failover so this hub works as a perfected fixed-line failover option. 

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