Managed Enterprise WiFi

Full data visibility and control

Comprehensive Data Management

Get as broad or granular as you need with your data management - our management system allows you to control access and data caps across all devices and users. Block unauthorised users with a single click.

Live Management Reports

Run diagnostics and recieve up-to-the minute reports on activity, location and signal strength, so you always know what's going on with your WiFi and your connected devices.

Integration with Existing Systems

We offer professional services to integrate our management platform with existing back-end management software.

Make the most of your WiFi

  • Usage Dashboards: Get all the information you need about your company’s data usage in one central location. Check data usage by year, week, month or day, and segment data usage by device so you always know exactly where your data is going.

  • Live GPS Location and Signal Strength: For connected mobile devices, you can track GPS location and signal strength by the minute, so your team is always connected. Recorded data is kept so you can see where all your devices have been and what signal strength they had within any specified period.

  • Remote Diagnostics:  Run remote diagnostics on any hub at any time to receive live status updates. Know immediately if your device goes offline, run speed tests remotely and get WiFi and network information immediately. Featuring Over the Air configuration and automatic software updates.

What are your managed enterprise WiFi needs?

Get in touch to see how we can help you manage and control your business data.