Connected Vehicle Fleet

Smart WiFi solutions for a connected mobile workforce


Get set up quickly with out of the box functionality. Just turn on the vehicle and our ignition-based technology automatically provides 4G or 4G+ WiFi within a minute.


Never be out of signal in Great Britain with proven 99.8% geo connectivity. Provides consistent WiFi coverage within a 100-meter radius.


Stay in control with our comprehensive data management portal. Monitor location and signal strength, manage permissions and control access and usage across all devices in real time.

On the road, off the road, everwhere.

  • Comprehensive Data Control: Check activity, block unauthorised users and manage data caps for each user on every hub and more with our centralised, customisable portal. That means no more surprise data overages.
  • Live Management Reports: Get instant reports, including minute by minute live and historic location data for every connected vehicle, so you know your team is always in touch.
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware: Our hubs are engineered for your business needs. Our hi-gain antennae find signal where consumer items fail. Our full feature server allows for local data storage, as well as intelligent Quality of Service so your data is going exactly where it’s needed most.

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